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On February the 23rd and the 24th Venice was the centre of NIR-VANA Project activities. Veneto Innovazione hosted three events focused on innovation. Three different moments gathered;

  • Training,
  • Testing
  • Dissemination

The whole initiative took place in the Scientific Campus of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and was divided in two different moments: training on the 23rd afternoon and the 24th morning, addressed to a restricted audience, and an open seminar in the afternoon of the 24th.



The training moment was organised to study how many ideas and technologies, which generate new products and processes, emerge from the collaboration with different actors along the value chain.

This training provided advanced knowledge about the assessment methodology and tool Innovation Health Check and it analysed the characteristics of the company’s IMS (innovation management system) with particular attention to those elements relevant for the open and collaborative innovation. These training activities were organised in partnership with the NIR-VANA project, which aims to promote the online collaboration of SMEs during the entire innovation process through a specific designed online platform fully integrated with the EEN matchmaking systems and tools. Test and simulation of the cutting-edge NIR-VANA platform were part of the training. In particular on the 23rd Marco Gorini of Veneto Innovazione together with Jan Gallagher and Colin Pope from Enterprise Ireland explained the collaborative innovation management capacity.

On the following day, the 24th morning, Carla Riverola of La Salle Barcelona spoke about Open Innovation and collaborative innovation strategies for innovation advisors, followed by a discussion about different collaboration models and workflows within the innovation value chains between Francesc Miralles of La Salle Barcelona and Marco Gorini.

Sebastian Haugk from Fraunhofer IMW and Víctor Torres from Easy Innova presented test and simulations of NIR-VANA online collaboration platform. The meeting ended with Josep Lluis de la Rosa and Víctor Torres of Easyinnova who demonstrated NIR-VANA Platform basing on a relevant use case. Focus groups were coordinated by Alessandra Pelizzaro of Veneto Innovazione. 22 Innovation Advisors have attended both training and NIR-VANA Online Collaboration Platform Test.

On the 24th afternoon 106 people attended the open dissemination seminar “Collaborative Innovation as New Entrepreneurial Strategy”. The meeting was presented by Ivan Boesso, European Policy Manager at Veneto Innovazione. It showed collaborative models and innovation management examples from an international company, 3M and an Italian network of companies, Filterkit. Vladi Finotto, teacher at Ca’ Foscari University, spoke about strategies of collaborative innovations and value articulation, while Marco Gorini illustrated NIR-VANA projects and tools to make companies cooperate. The meeting ended with a description of how CEN and ISO norms can manage innovation.


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