A Turkish company specialized in office furniture and fixed furniture looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing services
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Deadline: Oct 15, 2022
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A Turkish company located in the organized industrial zone in Ankara has been specialized in office furniture, fixed furniture and specially designed products. The company successfully completed turnkey projects for airports, hotels etc. In order to enter new markets, the company looks for partners under distribution services, commercial agency and manufacturing agreement.


The company which is located in the organized industrial zone has been specialized in office furniture, fixed furniture and specially designed products as well as application services.

The production has been carried out in three production lines namely;

- wood production department
- metal production department
- upholstery department

The product range includes:

- office work tables,
- office work stations,
- various storage products,
- working chairs
- upholstered seats
- foyer puff products

All these products can be used in harmony with cozy and comfortable places with its aesthetic and innovative product range. The wood used for the production is cleaned, dried, brushed, and impregnated with natural and modern methods.

With the professional production and planning team, the company has been producing turnkey projects according to the needs of customers. Some examples of turnkey projects are; airport furniture, hotel and hospital mobile and fixed furniture products, wooden wall coverings and acoustic wall-ceiling products, conference rooms, turnkey applications.

The company is ISO 9001 certified.

The company looks for distributors and commercial agents in order to enter new markets. Furthermore, the company wants to manufacture specially designed products and/or design turnkey projects upon request.

Advantages & innovations

- ISO 9001 certified; - twenty years of experience; - qualified staff who puts emphasis on quality and elegant design; - high success rate in manufacturing of standard and specially designed furniture; - customization of products; - wide range of furniture colors; - high functionality and environmental friendly products; - on-time delivery; - individual support for the client; - marketing support via brochures, on-line documents etc.; - competitive prices.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The company looks for distributors in order to increase its market share and promote its brand abroad. The distributors are expected to buy company's products and sell them in local markets. They can be retailers, wholesalers, importers etc., and those with extensive network to governmental organizations, private organizations, hospitals, schools, airports etc. The distributors will be provided with promotion materials (brochures, online documents etc.) by the company. Commercial agents are expected to promote the company's products in local markets. The company also offers manufacturing agreement for companies, stores, furniture stores etc., which are directly engaged with public /private institutions, hospitals, airports, schools etc. The company can manufacture specially designed products in required quantities and/or design turnkey projects upon request.

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