A Korean SME that has developed the copy paper subscription service is looking for distribution partners
Deadline: Dec 7, 2024
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The technology pertains to a paper feeding system, specifically one that can automatically detect when there is a shortage of paper and replenish it without requiring the user to manually determine the remaining paper quantity, especially when a large stack of paper is present. The company is looking for companies that consider new businesses by transferring technology with distribution partners (copy paper delivery and manufacturing/complexifier rental companies, etc.)


The technology is designed to accommodate stacked paper and sense paper shortage and replenishment completion states. It features a main body with a paper outlet, a space for paper storage, and a selectively openable/closable door on the front side. The technology also includes a paper support plate, an elevation unit, a power unit, a sensor, and a controller. The communication unit, integrated with or corresponding to the paper feed, transmits a paper replenishment request signal when a paper shortage is detected and a paper replenishment completion signal when replenishment is finished. The first server communicates with the communication unit over a communication network. The paper feed utilizes the elevation unit to selectively raise and lower the paper support plate, which serves as a platform for stacking and supporting paper. The power unit facilitates the movement of the paper support plate, while the sensor measures the weight of the stacked paper. The controller, in conjunction with the sensor, controls the power unit to adjust the position of the paper support plate. Additionally, the system can include a second server that communicates with the first server. Upon receiving the paper replenishment request signal, the first server can transmit a paper feed service provision signal to the second server. This enhances the system's functionality and ensures comprehensive service provision. The elevation unit consists of guide rails, guide rods, and a multi-stage screw mechanism. The power unit includes a motor, a driving pulley, and a chain connecting the driving and driven pulleys. The controller adjusts the position of the paper support plate based on the weight measurements from the sensor and can detect the desired remaining amount of height using a height-detecting unit. Furthermore, the first server can transmit a paper payment request signal to the communication unit in response to the paper replenishment request signal. Once payment is completed, the first server transmits a paper feed service provision signal to the second server. In summary, the paper feed system revolutionizes the way paper is supplied and replenished in office environments. By leveraging advanced technology and seamless communication, this system simplifies the process, reduces inefficiencies, and enhances user satisfaction.

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