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Italian company based near Milan specialized in the agrofood...
created · Updated
Deadline: Sep 29, 2021
Received 0 expressions of interest


This company is an Italian brand focused on the agrofood sector, producing craft beers, ready-to-cook risotto and beer-flavoured rice cakes. They are looking for industries and businesses willing to distribute and sell their products. Favoured are long-term partnerships through distribution service agreements with companies based in France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.


The company is located near Milan and produces craft beer, ready-to-cook risotto mixes, and other grains and milk.

This agricultural enterprise was founded immediately after WW2, in 1947. Four generations after, the business is still kept alive and run by the founder’s family, who brings together tradition and innovation to guarantee fresh and genuine products, from rice, corn, barley and other grains to high quality, 100% italian milk produced in the farm.
Driven by the goal of sharing the genuine Italian taste, which they developed through the decades of experience in the agricultural business, they decided to start a brand new journey and push for innovation in the craft beer industry. The company's brand is simply a way to experiment with new products and markets, drawing from their experience in this field.
Thanks to their experience and their extremely dedicated and skilled staff, the company creates an unmistakable taste of authentic Italian craft beer made from locally grown ingredients.
In the meantime, the company also started to produce different ready-to-cook risotto mixes with their top quality rice, the famous Carnaroli rice variety.
The company is extremely concerned in guaranteeing the quality of the products with great results.
The company runs its business sustainably with huge passion and care, supported by ever-evolving technology in order to make great products and create memorable experiences for customers. They make sure to use their expertly grown ingredients to enhance the flavor of their craft beer and guarantee amazing risotto mixes.
They always aim for the highest quality and that distinctive italian character.

The company has been distributing products to well-known Italian names in the food industry such as Scotti, Principe and Cooperativa Abbiatense for decades.
Now, they would like to expand their market and sell their products abroad. They are looking for long- term partnerships through distribution services agreements with companies based in France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, which already deal with the distribution of agrofood products in:
- Restaurants,
- Supermarkets,
- Events.

Advantages & innovations

The company's products are 100% Made in Italy. All the ingredients are grown in the fields of their own agricultural enterprise, founded in 1947 and family-run since the beginning. The company offers interesting and new flavours of ready-to-cook risotti and “super food” versions of products like rice cakes. Most of the company's products are vegan and gluten free.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

In order to sell their products abroad, the company is looking for distributors based in France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, which already deal with the distribution of agrofood products in: - Restaurants, - Supermarkets, - Events. Favoured are long-term partershps through distribution services agreements.

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