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Bulgarian company, manufacturer wood products, is searching...
created · Updated
Deadline: Nov 26, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


A company from Bulgaria, a manufacturer of wooden products, is interested in establishing a long-term cooperation with distributors, sales agents and commercial agencies from European countries to distribute its products to the international market. The company offers a children's wooden constructor, suitable for children over 5 years of age and suitable for other age groups, consisting of 110 modular elements made of certified environmentally friendly wood, harmless to children's health.


The company is located 10 km east of the largest Bulgarian city on the banks of the Danube River. The company was incorporated as a limited company in 1998 with the object of activity of production of wooden products and has its own production base, including a modern production room that meets the current regulatory requirements for the activity, supplied with the necessary technological equipment.
The company has a team of qualified specialists who, with attention to detail and in accordance with the development of modern technologies, design and produce innovative quality and contemporary designs.
The main activity of the company until 2008 is related to the production furniture details for a renowned Swedish furniture company. In the next period the production activity is focused on the design and execution of individual interior designs and unique ones.
The company has experience in the production of experimental series of wood products, commissioned by European contractors or partners.
Unlike identical products on the market, which consist of cubes, cylinders, pyramids and other types of wooden, plastic and metal elements, the offered constructor consists of only 2 types of wooden elements - a lath and a cylindrical rod. Each element type includes 5 modular sizes multiples of 32 mm. They are light, without sharp edges and do not require any effort to use - by inserting the rods into the openings of the slats and combining the various elements in type and length, different types of structures are obtained. The three-dimensional structure of combinations allows the user to design freely without frames. These elements can be attached to each other endlessly to create different formations. This allows users to let their imagination run freely and come up with many ways to play.
The device is a means of enabling parents to divert their children's attention from the engaging electronic and computer games, tablets and telephones that damages their children's vision and nervous system, destroying their health at an early age. In today's dynamic and stressful day-to-day life for parents and lack of free time, engaging with a child's constructor will help to strengthen the bond between them and their children, allowing for close contact and shared experiences.
The target end-users for the Bulgarian company besides children over 5 years can be also educational institutions (kindergarten and elementary school, colleges for training of pedagogical staff). Additional goals will be rehabilitation facilities (group homes for senior citizens and disabled people, special care facilities for children) and so on. Therefore, potential business partners can also be wholesalers of toys and educational materials, educational publishers, wholesalers of rehabilitation products and medical supplies, department stores, toy stores, as well as other companies which are operating with small wood products.
In order to develop international cooperation, the company would like to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with EU partners by looking for partners wishing to initiate a distribution agreement – e.g. distributors, sales agents and commercial agencies.

Advantages & innovations

The wooden constructor has an entertaining and educational function, enabling the development of constructive and spatial thinking, skills, dexterity and imagination of children over 5 years of age. The wooden elements are with optimal shape and size and are fully adapted to the peculiarities of children's play The constructor's elements have been tested and complied with the requirements for child health in accordance with Directive 2009/48 / EC of the European Parliament of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys. The three-dimensional structure of the toys allows the user to design freely without any frames. These pieces can be attached to each other endlessly in order to create different formations. This allows users to let their free imagination and to come up with many ways to play. The product is made of beech wood and it is environmentally safe, no paint or varnish were used on the surface treatment of the finished product. The didactic nature of the constructor allows it to be used in educational programs of children's health institutions.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The company is looking for distributors, sales representatives and commercial agencies to distribute products in their home countries to wholesalers and retailers in the field of toys, for auxiliary materials for the educational sector and rehabilitation products and medical care products, also for companies which are operating with small wood products. The Bulgarian company wishes to advertise their educational toys on the European market through their potential partners as distributors or sales agents. The current policy of the company is to limit itself to one distributor or agent in each relevant EU Member State. However, there is not a problem if the partner operates outside their internal borders. Partners must have links with the wholesale or large retail businesses and be able to promote their product through relevant marketing channels. It is desirable that the partners are well versed in this area and know the most effective way to access the market. Ideally, partners should have knowledge of the EU in the field of toy distribution, education, rehabilitation and medical care. In the case of a distribution agreement, the terms of trade and minimum order quantity, minimum sales guarantee are agreed between the two parties. It is advisable to propose a dealership agreement.

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