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Polish SME offers hybrid photovoltaic installation with heat...
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Deadline: Aug 3, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


Polish SME with more than 24 years of experience on the market of renewable energy sources offers a patented (international patent) hybrid photovoltaic installation with heating solar collector. It is a high-performance solar energy transmitter into electricity and thermal energy. The company is looking for distributors and agents to sign commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.


The Polish company was established in April 1997 as a result of a deep interest in the subject of renewable energy coming from the sun. It is one of the leading Polish companies operating in the area of renewable energy sources - flat solar collectors and photovoltaics. With 24 years of experience in this field, they are a pioneer in the field of designing and implementing technologies to protect the environment. Producing high-efficiency and economical flat solar collectors, company has previously implemented over 116,000 m2 of solar installations - both for institutional and individual clients. By guaranteeing high operating safety and the maximum efficiency of products they made the largest in Europe, a comprehensive solar investment with 3,500 collectors.

The company offers a patented photovoltaic module with a heating solar collector. It is a highly efficient converter of solar energy into electricity and thermal energy. The hybrid collector is a combination of a PV photovoltaic structure with a high-quality thermal collector. By converting solar radiation, the device generates electricity and receives waste heat at the same time. The photovoltaic structure is cooled by a highly efficient heat absorber, it works at a lower temperature, which increases the power of electricity generated by PV cells.

Installations with hybrid collectors are used in a very practical way in individual households for the production of domestic hot water and electricity for their own needs. The best use of the hybrid collector's capabilities results in its use in a system with a heat pump and in places with high demand for heated water and domestic hot water, e.g. for home swimming pools, in hotels, hospitals, municipal baths, SPAs, and also a multi-series system of PVT modules with more installed capacity will also be used to supply excess hot water to technological installations of industrial and service plants or as a sub-supply of domestic hot water for installation of local boiler houses.

The main advantages of the hybrid collector:

- cogeneration device with the ability to operate each of the systems independently
- high energy and thermal efficiency
- easy and quick assembly
- the operation of each of the generators is independent, the energy transport process can be interrupted in any case, without any negative impact on the device
- effective cooperation with heat pumps
- long service life of up to 30 years of continuous operation
- it can be used in both small home installations and large installations, e.g. industrial power plants

The company is looking for a partner interested in the promotion and sale of the product under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The company is interested in cooperation with companies and agents dealing in the sale and installation of solar and photovoltaic systems. Thanks to cooperation with new partners, the company wants to enter new foreign markets and acquire new customers, both individual and institutional.

Advantages & innovations

- 24 years of extensive experience: 116,000 m2 of solar installations - both for institutional and individual clients and the largest comprehensive solar investment in Europe with 3,500 collectors, - own production lines, laboratory and design office, - owned patents, - many business and technology awards,

Stage of development


Partner sought

The company is looking for experienced agents and distributors of solar and photovoltaic systems who have extensive contacts among individual and institutional clients. The potential partner will be responsible for the promotion, sale and possible installation of the products offered by the Polish company.

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