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A French company, specialized in forgotten spirits and produ...
created · Updated
Deadline: Mar 16, 2022
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The French company, producing a traditional high-quality bitter gentian drink, star of cocktail bars, is looking for distribution services agreements with premium beverage partners able to disseminate the products in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


Located in France, in the South West region, the company produces and distributes exclusive bitter gentian on local and international markets. The producer is situated in an area with a strong past of high-quality distilleries especially due to the purity of the water.

The base product of bitter gentian is made from organic grain alcohol, cool and dry 25-year-old gentian and natural as well as wild plants and fruits. The alcohol content is 32° with less than 100 grams of sugar, conditioned in a bottle of 70 cl with a natural cork.

The gentian is a very particular plant: it takes 10 years to bloom. The plant has a life expectancy of 50 years.

Today, bitter gentian is considered a star of cocktail bars while surfing on the vintage trend. The product is also renowned for its digestive, purifying tonic, anti-depressant qualities and even as an active anti-pollution ingredient in skin cleansing milk!

The bartenders are fond of its golden yellow colour. The top cocktail receipt of the moment is a mix of bitter gentian, white wine, gin and lemon. French chefs also use bitter gentian in their meals such as langoustine and caviar tartar.

In the meantime, there is a growing demand for premium spirits. Indeed, the connoisseur is looking for quality products benefiting from an image of authenticity while taking into account the 'responsible drinking'.

The company is looking for distributors of alcoholic beverages for distribution services agreements on the European markets especially in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, countries renowned for their old tradition of spirit consumption. The company has distribution partners in Italy and Singapore.

The partner should have experience in the distribution of premium beverages and should be able to promote and disseminate the products among an established network of mixologists, wine merchants, fine food delicatessen, bars and restaurants.

Advantages & innovations

The producer, highly experienced in rare and antique spirits, reinvents old liquors to create crafted spirits from historic formulations, that combine the excellence of the specific distillation know-how and the terroirs.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: distribution partners which are well connected with the spirits/alcoholic drinks industry. The importer should have an interest in premium products and a network of: - style bars, hotel and restaurant bars - delicatessen shops - specialized wine/spirits retailers The type of distribution agreement (exclusive or non-exclusive) will be determined after negotiation with the potential partner in order to take into account the interests of both parties. Role of partner sought: to collaborate with the SME in the extension of its distribution network in Europe.

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