Hungarian company looking for European distribution partners for own software system developed for the goods and passenger road transport sector.
Deadline: Dec 7, 2024
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Hungarian SME has own developed product package consisting of an online tachograph data analysing software system including work-hours calculation and further modules, and training and consultancy services. Customers can manage and control with such a tool a strictly regulated and monitored activity throughout whole EU, reducing accidents and official penalties. The return on investment (ROI) of the product package is fast. Distribution partner is sought to distribute the product package.


For more than 20 years the Hungarian company has been providing a complete solution for freight and passenger transport companies in solving tachograph evaluation and related labor problems. During this time, it has become the market leader and has more than 1,500 corporate clients, including individual entrepreneurs as well as large multinational companies. Two years ago a cloud-based, new-generation, modern and updated, online card and digital tachograph evaluation and labor registry product package was developed with many modules: fuel monitoring, registration, fleet management, allowance calculations, posted employees fee calculations, etc.. An integral part of the product package is the training of the customer, which, in addition to the use of the software system, covers the explanation and interpretation of the legal background, as well as the answers to practical questions that arise. In order to fully serve customers, the company is available with advice, education, preparation for official inspections, and support. In numbers: - more than 20 years' experience - more than 1.500 corporate customers with about 50,000 trucks - more 100 resolved authority cases - more the 15.000 attendees to our trainings Target costumer: every business and corporation operating a vehicle for goods transport with a maximum permissible mass of the vehicle exceeding 3,5t or a vehicle for carriage by road of passengers for carrying more than nine persons including the driver falls within the scope of our product package, as they must comply with tachograph regulations and the labour regulations of mobile workers. Customers can be from various sectors, such freight, logistics, industrial, etc., indifferently from their area of activities. Benefits for customer: - preventing and detecting breach of legal requirements, thus avoiding significant fines - the costs of legal and administrative requirements are minimized to a fracture of the original, and they are also performed in conformity with the applicable regulations - well-planned and organized delivery tasks - increasing traffic safety - truck drivers trained in correct tachograph handling and relevant legal background - short term return on investment (ROI) According to the harmonized legal environment, the offered product package is not only sought for in Hungary, but in the whole of Europe. Based on its expansion strategy, the company is looking for distributor partner companies in the EU. Partnership offered: - any company size looking to expand into new business - partner can be from the IT sector or from logistics industry, or any other sector if the customer base is made up of passenger and goods transport companies.

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