Polish young company is willing to act as a distributor to sell other companies’ products from the aviation, automotive and plastics processing sectors
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Deadline: Oct 13, 2022
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The Polish young company specialized in providing an innovative technologies is offering their opportunities to be a distributor of other companies’ products.


The mission of this young Polish company is to provide innovative technologies and design solutions for enterprises from the aviation, automotive and plastics processing sectors.

The company supports their business partners in increasing an efficiency by providing modern technologies, innovative design solutions and the resulting business advantages, focusing on optimizing production processes, paying special attention to terms of laboriousness, efficiency, effectiveness and ecology.

The company creates the individual projects with the implementation of:
- final products made of steel and artificial materials;
- cutters made of super hard materials;
- tools equipment with the fastening;
- support of the maintenance departments;
- manufacturing of the client’s own brand tools as well final steel products.

Company’s specialized production areas are:
- CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining of aviation alloys;
- trimming of details with vibro-abrasive methods;
- manufacture of coopery and graphite EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) electrodes.

The company is looking for partnerships based on distribution services agreement and is willing to act as a distributor to sell other companies’ products.

The company is looking for partners in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

Advantages & innovations

I. Company’s activities based on the lean management; II. Knowledge and information management through IT tools supports company’s reengineering processes; III. Knowledge management covers the areas of technological, coordination and auxiliary knowledge, as well as knowledge about the needs of clients and competitors; IV. High-qualified staff with experience in the aviation and automotive industry;

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The company sets on long-term cooperation and good-quality relations with European SMEs. Type: SMEs as well large and multinational companies. Specific areas of partner’s activity: aviation, automotive and plastics processing sectors.

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