A Korean SME specialized in GIS (Geographic Information System) is looking for partners to apply for international joint R&D programmes to develop new solutions based on spatial information
Deadline: Dec 8, 2024
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A Korean SME has been providing GIS server solution to major municipalities and government agencies in Korea. With its expertise in spatial data management, analysis, and visualization, the company has been participating in forest fire detection and prediction R&D project together with Singapore SME, and looking for other opportunities. The company is seeking for European joint R&D partners to develop new solutions utilizing spatial information.


Since 2012, a Korean SME specialized in GIS server solution has been providing various developing and maintenance projects to Korean major municipalities and government agencies. Major example projects are maintenance and operation of road excavation and recovery, development of city water management system, development of emergency rescue standard system, and maintenance of national spatial information integration system, and so on. The company’s main technological capability lies in a 3D urban spatial information system utilizing various GIS data such as aerial photography, and its main product is a GIS server solution that has following features, 1) Fast speed by improving the speed of rendering big data using image acceleration technology 2) Convenient interface for easy installation and operation 3) Software compatibility by compliance with geographic information standard services based on OGC) 4) Enhanced stability by providing internal GIS base monitoring system This Korean company has been finding international joint R&D opportunities with its technological expertise in spatial data management, analysis, and visualization. One of recent project is a developing ‘Edge AI system for the prediction of the path of forest fire spread utilizing UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)’ with Singapore SME from 2022 to 2025. The company is seeking for other international joint R&D opportunities to develop any solutions utilizing spatial information with European SMEs under research cooperation agreement.

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