A company from Romania wants to externalize its wood products, hard and soft wood timber, veneer and other wood products under commercial agreement
Deadline: Dec 7, 2024
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The company from Romania wants to export wooden products and materials such as timber, veneer, wooden drums on the international market.


The Romanian company have more than 20 years experience, and is located in the Center of Romania. Over the years, due to integrated management and other logistical developments that have been implemented, the company had a dynamic expansion. The Romanian company distributes the following products: - timber: Beech timber Square edged Beech ( Fagus sylvatica ) Technical details: Quality: A and AB Quality Reference: European Norm EN 975-1 Spécifications : -Standard : 25/32//50/65/70/80mm x 100mm + x 1.8m + -Under certain conditions, we can produce other sizes to. -Heat treatment: steaming 6 – 24 hours, uniform color. -Steam and Kiln Dry: 12% ( +/-2%) Lengths: 0.30-0.95 m supershort timber (TASS), 1.00-1.70 m short timber (TAS), 1.80 + m long timber (TAL) Drying: can be delivered kiln dried or fresh cut . -Un edge Beech (European Fagus Sylvatica) Technical details: -Quality: A and AB -Quality Reference: European Norm EN 975-1 Spécifications : - Standard : 25/32/50/65/70/80mm x 120mm + x 1.8m + - Under certain conditions, we can produce other sizes to Steam and Kiln Dry:14 % ( +/-2%) -European Ash ( Fraxinus excelsior ) Technical details: -Square edged / random width = 100 + mm Quality : FAS 80 % + Common grade 20% ( Reference: National Hardwood Lumber Association) Standard Specifications /mm: 25/50mm x 100mm + x 1.8m + The main features of square edged ash timber: Fresh cut or dried in the dryer -European Turkey oak (Quercus Cerris) *Un edge / half edged Turkish oak timber, Air Dry Quality : ABC mix bundled together Specifications : 25/27/38/50mm x 100mm + x 1.8m + The main features of oak timber:KD -European white oak (Quercus petrae ) Un edged / half edged white oak timber , Air Dry Quality: ABC mix bundled together Specifications specifications : 25/27/38/50mm x 150 + x 1.8m + -Under certain conditions, we can produce other sizes to. -White wood Timber Standard Specifications delivered fresh cut or kiln dried to a moisture content of about 16% +/- 2%; lengths of 3000 mm/4000 mm (2985 mm/3985 mm fit for 40'HC container on request can be and 5000/6000 mm; width varies from 100/125/150/175/200/250 mm and above). Standard thickness is 22/25/32/48/50/55/75/80/100 mm. Class AB - veneers - cable reels - Wooden sleepers In terms of quality, cutting size and that of resistance, Wooden sleepers are produced according to international standard EN 13145 type. The wooden sleepers are used in a variety of sizes depending on our customers the request or order. - Yellow formwork plate - H20 Beam formwork - Tego formwork - Metal formwork and props - Formwork accessories - Decofrol - Construction timber - Oriented Strand Board (OSB) - Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) - Birch plywood - Poplar Plywood - Pine plywood - Wood fiber boards (PFL) - High density wood fiber board (HDF) - MDF (medium density wood fiberboard) - Particleboard (chipboard) - Wainscot - Hardwood flooring The Romanian company wants to be represented by both SMEs and large companies that have the ambition to expand their products. The company offers its products of different sizes and models (the number of elements, width or thickness of the product are according to customer specifications). The company has many years of experience in international trade and established business relations with partners from countries all over the world. The company would like to expand business cooperation and is looking for foreign partners in all the countries.

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