Singapore company is looking for Distributor in DRTV, Retail Shops and On-line. OTO Cyclone (Model: CN 1000)
Deadline: Dec 8, 2024
Received 0 expressions of interest


One of our latest and exciting Patented product (see attached): OTO Cyclone (Model CN-1000), The USP of this product combined all the multi exercises which includes Cycling, Rowing, Lifting, Pulling and Sit up, all in just ONE machine(see attached), great for indoor and is good for muscle strengthening and building stamina too. Best of all, it is foldable and save space. Please see the link below for better understanding of the product; Video :


We hope to find a distributor that can manage Direct Response TV (DRTV) channel. We strongly believe that when the distributor finds the right TV channels and with a strong creative video showing the multi-purpose exerciser in different actions, make it a truly fun and exciting product to attract the customers to call and purchase. It will definitely help to increase their sales. It will be an added advantage if the distributor can help us to get our products to the merchandizer or explore other channels such as on-line purchase and in-store, it will help to create a storm in the retail market too.

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