Spanish company is looking for a manufacturer of eGate for access controls to apply to Eurostars to further develop a solution for access controls based on Self Sovereign Biometric Identity
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Deadline: Feb 15, 2022
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A Spanish company expert in multi-biometric integrations for access controls is looking for expert partners in eGates to develop a new verification model that is aligned with the European recommendations on self-sovereign identity control. The main objective is to implement an integrated solution with European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, with a pilot experience supported by a public body as a certifying entity. The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement for Eurostars.


A Spanish ICT company expert in multi-biometric integrations and mobility solutions for access controls is looking for expert partners in eGates. The objective is to develop a new concept of eGate based on e-identities and integrated to the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure.

The project consists of implementing the model called Self-Sovereign Identity, implementing biometric verification at access control gates (eID-Gates).

In addition, certified digital identities compatible with a blockchain network are required in order to implement the self-sovereign identity model.

The project will focus on the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure Network (EBSI). Since 2020, EBSI has been implementing a network of distributed blockchain nodes across Europe, supporting applications focused on selected use cases. EBSI is the first blockchain infrastructure across the EU, driven by the public sector, in full respect of European values and regulations.

The implementation envisaged for this project needs:
• Public body acting as issuer of a digital identity
• Citizens having their digital accreditations in their Smartphone’s eWallet
• Event organizer or a Smart Building having digitalised access control that will act as a verifier of digital credentials and biometric verification
• Blockchain network

The verification solution has to be embedded in the e-gate access control system. The solution will offer automation on the checking of accreditations or tickets, COVID ePassport, identity of the citizen using e-identity and biometric verification.

The solution combines the information provided by the issuer of the electronic identity, citizens, and the verifier who establishes its accesses conditions.

All three actors have to have a decentralized identifier (DID) in the EBSI network. Each DID is secured by a private key. The private key owner can prove that they own or control their identity.

The verification procedure establishes the following steps. The citizen will either bring his smartphone close to the access point, or he/she will scan the QR and give permission to access the data that is required, including the facial image recognition accredited by the issuer of the e-identity. The biometric data that will be checked with a camera, either from the Smartphone or a camera integrated at the e-gate level. Once the information has been verified based on the EBSI network, the control system might give or not give access to the citizen.

The citizen will be able to follow up on the verifications he has consented and that are always linked to an expiry date decided by the citizen when giving authorisation. In addition, he/she will also be able to revoke this authorization at any time.

The personal information will always be secured and will not be shared outside the network established for verification purposes.

This project must produce the following components:
• Physical e-gate with e-identity verification elements
• Logical component verification deployed in the e-gate
• Cloud API Rest services
• e-wallet App for credentials storage, and personal data and verifications management and tracing
• EBSI API module
• Additionally, for pilot scenario, the project requires the participation of the entity that issues the e-identity credentials.

The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eurostars.
Deadline to receive expressions of interest to join this proposal: 31st January 2022.
Deadline to submit a proposal for the Eurostars call: 23rd March 2022.

Advantages & innovations

The European Commission is preparing a secure European e-identity. A trustworthy e-identity for citizens to use anywhere in Europe to be applied in any process that requires self-identification, for example from paying taxes or validate Covid passport. The objective is to position a solution on the market as soon as the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure and the e-identities begin to be operational. Nowadays the identity verification of the COVID passport is manual. A person is needed to act as a verifier to scan the the QR to validate the citizen’s identity. With the proposed solution, the verification would be carried out in a single step, it would not require manual checks, the personal data of the citizens would not be shared openly. The citizen would have control of the transfer, access, traceability and revocation of his/her data. In addition, no proprietary information systems would store any personal data. The objective of the project is that citizens have control over his/her data, on how it is used and shared given the European Commission recommendations.

Stage of development

Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

One one hand, the company is looking for a partner expert in eGate for access controls.The role of this partner will be: 1) Integrating hardware elements to build a new e-gate with camera, process unit and communication capabilities. 2) Implementing the application in the process unit 3) Developing the user interface 4) Developing live facial image capture 5) Development of the access control management 6) Developing verification using the API for biometric verification, cloud API Rest services and personal data and accreditation access The hardware requirements will be jointly agreed upon during the initial phase of the project. On the other hand, a public entity that will issue certified digital identities and that will cooperate during the pilot of the project. The type of partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eurostars funding scheme.

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