Net height adjustment system for racket sports
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A multidisciplinary Spanish university has developed a new system for the mechanical regulation of the height and tension of tennis and paddle nets. It has about innovative removable poster extenders that facilitate the practice of different exercises precision. The system as a whole allows the training to be easily adapted to the different age and qualification levels of the player.The research group author is looking for a collaboration that leads to commercial agreements or license agreements


The Spanish University has developed a new system for the mechanical regulation of the height and tension of tennis and paddle nets. The device incorporates an innovative mechanical system that allows the height of the net to be easily adjusted, so that the tension of the net is the same in the center as at the ends, avoiding the problems derived from manual manipulation. This allows solving the common issue associated with the precise regulation of nets, which was traditionally done by hand and did not achieve the required accuracy, besides being a tedious task that is not easy and convenient to perform.

The device also incorporates extension elements inside the lateral posts that anchor the net to the ground, which can be extracted and adjusted to different heights and from which a supplementary tape can be hung parallel to the net, leaving a free space between the tape and the net. This allows for precision training by passing the ball through the space at different heights. There is also the option of hanging attachments from this tape or other elements also intended for the practice of precision improving the efficiency of the training sessions.

The new system allows the nets to be adapted to the specific needs of each user, being able to adapt them to the conditions required by the type of exercise (training, professional, recreational...), age or physical condition. On the other hand, achieving quality and functionality parameters to obtain an optimal performance during training, as well as to abide by the official regulations applicable to tennis and paddle.

The official regulations applicable to tennis and paddle tennis require some criteria for the height and tension of the nets and posters, but it is common for these parameters to be modified depending on the public that uses the equipment and the type of exercise to be performed, which can be done easily with the present device.

The quality and effectiveness of the device has been proven through a proof of concept through the design of a prototype, which was installed at an internationally recognized tennis school managed by a Spanish tennis player who was number 1 in the Associatión of Tennis Professionals (ATP) ranking, being received with great acceptance by its professionals obtaining optimal results.

The potential business partners are sports equipment manufacturers, sports federations, sports clubs, training schools, city councils and high performance centers, interested in acquiring or licensing the patent protecting this new technology.

The Spanish university is looking for a collaboration that leads to a commercial agreement with technical assistance to exploitation of the invention. The university offers technical advice for the commercialization and optimization of the device. The ideal scenario for the university would be to reach an agreement to transfer the use of the technology through sale or license (exclusive or non-exclusive) of the patented device. However, the form, terms and conditions of the collaboration can be openly discussed if the technology presented is of interest.

Advantages & innovations

The main innovative aspect of this device focuses on the extension elements incorporated into the posts, easy to extract and fold, which increases the alternatives of exercises so that players can practice and improve their game increasing the efficiency of their training. This combined with the mechanical system of tensioning and height regulation of the net, which avoids manual handling problems; make this technology a unique technical solution, fully adaptable to the conditions required by the activity, as well as to different ages and qualifications of each player. These are the main advantages of the technology compared to other products on the market:  Adaptability: the device allows to easily adapt the system to the type of public who will develop the activity thanks to the flexibility of the system.  Comfort: compared to other net systems, this one allows greater ease of transport, assembly, handling and adaptation to the track for different needs.  Efficiency: the device enhances learning and sports performance, in addition to allowing more precise exercises while complying with the official regulations.  Versatility: the device also increases the number of exercises and sports practices that can be performed, as well as facilitating the exchange of exercises, which can be done in a short time

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They are seeking companies in the sports industry interested in acquiring or licensing the patent protecting this new technology. Or reach a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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