UK medical testing laboratory outsourcing their expertise in molecular and genetic technologies
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Deadline: Dec 3, 2022
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An accredited medical testing laboratory with locations in the UK, Spain and the UAE specialised in molecular and genetic technologies offers expertise and required equipment to conduct all phases of research and clinical studies, from sample extraction to data analysis. Genetic counselling can also be offered, if needed. They are looking for companies or academic institutions from the biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors interested in outsourcing agreements.


The medical testing laboratory provides data generation, data analysis and genetic diagnosis services performed by highly qualified personnel in a state of the art laboratory. They are specialised in: - DNA extraction from human tissues including blood, saliva, and embryos - Quantitative real-time PCR - SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) genotyping - CMA (Chromosomal Microarrays) - Next Generation Sequencing, including: targeted sequencing, exome sequencing, single gene analysis, custom gene panel - MLPA (Multiplex-ligation dependent probe amplification) - State of the art bioinformatic analysis service for mapping, assembly, gene quantification, genotyping, variant interpretation to ACMG guidelines etc. that can be tailored to specific needs. Additionally, they are specialists in genetic testing for IVF patients including non-invasive genetic testing, pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidies, structural rearrangements, monogenic disease and carrier screening
The company also performed mass testing for Covid 19 using real time PCR from buccal swabs to help control and manage the pandemic.
They are seeking to outsource their services to academics/research institutions and clinical/pharmaceutical laboratories working in biotechnology or biomedical disciplines.

Advantages & innovations

The company is ISO accredited and has established expertise in molecular and genetic testing. The company is also heavily committed to R&D internally as well as producing research data for external clients. The company is proud to deliver high quality services and excellent customer support. They provide high value-added services to the public and private scientific community by generating high quality data and contributing to a wide range of research and clinical projects.

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Partner sought

The partners sought are academics/research institutions and clinical/pharmaceutical laboratories working in biotechnology or biomedical disciplines, with a particular interest in Molecular Biology and/or Genomics. The partners are ideally looking to set up collaborations to conduct research or clinical studies, address research questions, explore, design and test gene signatures to specific phenotypes and generate data to support clinical trials and further research questions. The partner should be interested in collaborating under outsourcing agreements.

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