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Spanish company dedicated to the production of fish preserve...
created · Updated
Deadline: Mar 17, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


Spanish company, producer of fish preserves and semi-preserves (anchovies, sardines, salted anchovies, pickled skewers and white anchovies) is looking for distributors in this sector in EU and other EEN countries. They would like to have access to major wholesalers of fish products, which in turn will sell to the retail market: supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail shop chains, to sign a distribution agreement. They are also interested in targeting the HORECA channel with their special formats.


This is one of the main companies of fish preserves and semi-preserves in Spain with more than 50 years of experience. They produce mainly anchovies, sardines, salted anchovies, pickled skewers and white anchovies. They are an integrated supplier of preserved fish products for one of the largest and most important supermarket chain in Spain.
Traditional production processes, efficient working practices, top quality raw materials, and strategic market planning have taken the company to a great success.
They have developed a wide range of products, which they offer to different distribution channels: supermarkets, retail food shops, HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering). They also have a gourmet range to cater for the most demanding consumers.

Their main products are:
- Cantabrian Sea anchovies seasoned exclusively with Spanish olive oil.
- Specialties anchovies in brine, olive oil and sunflower oil
- Specialties baby sardines: olive oil, sunflower oil, smoked, marinated with tomato, spicy, lemon and low salted
- Marinated white anchovies (with vinegar, lemon and salt)
Their Gold Series range includes similar varieties with the maximum quality and an attractive packaging.
Their products are the result of a delicate production process, following the hand-crafted procedures learned from the company's founders and the most modern techniques.
The process starts from the initial fishing, with the selection of the best pieces, to the salting, pressing, maturing and conserving, and to the preparation of the fillets one by one by expert hands.
They have four factories with large laboratories equipped with the highest technical systems for quality control. In these, various analyses are carried out on all raw materials, water and finished products. They also have quality control systems based on the Hazard Analysis technique.
They comply with the main fishing regulations and with the international regulations for the elaboration, manufacturing and marketing of their products. These are their quality certifications: EU Directive 2003/89/CE on Allergens, ISO 14001, IFS Food. V6, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Their products have also the “Parve” Kosher Certification.
They want to expand to new international markets: European Union and the rest of EEN countries. They want to access wholesalers which are suppliers of retailers: food chains, supermarkets. The HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) channel is also interesting for them. They have a special range for this food service channel, with special formats and packing. Their preferred type of cooperation would be a distribution agreement

Advantages & innovations

The company has more than fifty years of experience and it’s one of the main producers of preserved fish in Spain. They are an official supplier of the top supermarket retail chain in Spain. They have a wide variety of products and formats to suit any type of distribution channel: from retail supermarket chains, food service and gourmet retail. They comply with the most strict quality requirements and certificates. "Parve" Kosher certified products This company offers to trade intermediaries good and selected products of gourmet label, natural and with the optimal maturation that guarantees the characteristic aroma, texture and taste of these preserves and semi-preserves products. Many products without preservatives or artificial flavours added.

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The company is looking for distributors /wholesalers of fish products to work under a distribution agreement. These intermediaries will on sale to retail distributors: supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail shop chains, which in turn will sell to the general public. They are also interested in targeting the HORECA channel with their special formats and packings for the food service channel (restaurants, bars, hotels, catering). The type of cooperation would also be distribution agreement.

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