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Warning system for early detection of water contamination, i...
created · Updated
Deadline: Apr 8, 2022
Received 0 expressions of interest


A Swedish SME in applied research has developed a new cost-effective solution for early detection of water contaminants, including automatic sampling and in real-time removal. It detects and removes water contaminants like pathogens, pharmaceutical residues, and most of the micro-pollutants in drinking water and treated wastewater. The innovation is EU-ETV verified and recognised by the International Water Association (IWA). Partners are sought for joint venture and license agreements.


Water is the most important premise for a healthy and good life. Recognizing contamination in an early stage can save lives and increase the possibility of finding solutions quickly. The solution presented by the Swedish company can improve the living condition of many people and prevent epidemics. It uses a minimum of energy and causes no emissions. It is a great contribution to humanity and it will contribute to goal 6 of the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations and it is also verified by EVT - EU Environmental Technology Verification.

Two main application areas for the innovation are 1) biological safety and security of drinking water, and 2) quality assurance of treated wastewater (membrane bioreactors), moving bed biofilm reactor effluent for safe reuse of water applications.
The company is in the process of testing, operate, demonstrate and launch to the market a solution with the following features:
- real-time creation of non-contaminated fingerprint of water
- optical detection of deviation from that fingerprint
- sampling of water at the time of deviation
- alarming the operator
- cost-effective removal of the pathogens and emerging compounds (ECs), micro-pollutants including micro-fibres and personal care products present in treated wastewater and drinking water.

The ability to combine these features is unique and goes beyond the state-of-the-art in water control and treatment. It realises digitalised application such as un-maned remote surveillance of drinking water reservoirs, water distribution, water treatment at hospital and hotels and monitoring of MBR (micro bio reactor), MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) effluent for reuse purpose.

The company has gained knowledge deriving from several research and development projects in the areas of security of drinking water and quality assurance of treated wastewater. The company has been acknowledged globally and has received several. awards:

- the Gold Innovation Award 2018 from the International Water Association (IWA) for "... ground-breaking and best innovation in the area of market-changing water technology and Infrastructure for its early warning and sampling system at the time of contamination".

- the prestigious environmental National Energy Globe Award 2017 for ".. the outstanding innovative achievement on real-time optical monitoring and sampling solution for quality control of drinking water and water for reuse"

- the 2016 EU Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) SME Innovation award for ".. best practices in the field of application with high market potential"

- the Seal of Excellence provided by EU under the European Innovation Council

The company has obtained patents to protect the technologies in Sweden, China, the USA and EU, and a Patent Cooperation Treaty for Canada and India is ongoing.

The company now seeks industrial cooperation partners and investors willing to support in them in bringing technology to market. Partners are sought interested in joint venture and license agreements, including manufacturing agreements and technical cooperation agreements

Advantages & innovations

1) Immediate Real-time information within minutes of biological load in drinking water distribution, network, and reservoirs 2) Real-time sampled of water for bio-logical and chemical analyse to give correct analysing results to act upon. 3) Do not wait for analysing results, mitigation activities start immediately in real-time. 4) Cost saving for municipalities, consumer safety and accuracy in management mitigation judgement. 5) Protects environment, human health, and Baltic sea in a controlled way with regard to discharge of micro-plastics, pharmaceutical residues in treated wastewater. 6) Provides process safety and consumer, farmers security in irrigation and water reuse.

Stage of development

Field tested/evaluated

Partner sought

Looking for an industrial partner who can invest in the technology, manufacture it and further develop it and bring it to market by exploiting the patent and trademark. The cooperation partner will have the possibility to exploit the technology and our patents in different countries. Task expected to be performed by the partner is to support in the manufacturing of the “0” series to demonstrate the technology at a wastewater treatment plant and at a drinking water plant.

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