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Italian company is offering a software application to help h...
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Deadline: Jun 17, 2021
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Italy based company operating in the fields such as robotics, virtual and augmented reality for health and wellness sectors is offering a software to face with Covid-19 inside of a hospital and thus eliminate the nurses', doctors' and all hostipal staff's possible virus infection and minimizing the use of personal protective equipement. Hence, the company is looking for an interested entity to sign a long term commercial agreement with technical assistance.


The Italian company located in Sicily specializes in software applications and development dedicated to humanoid robots, virtual reality, telemedicine, telepresence, and to healthcare facility has recently elaborated a software application against Coronavirus enabling to monitor patients hospitalized and affected by Covid-19, significantly limiting the risks for medical and healthcare personnel. The firm was established in 2012, however, the idea the company based its activity had had about 40 years of life before its became real from its hypothetical form. After the 2012 the company has been passing a long way of development and step by step has been rising. As a result,a bit later after the establishment, it came to its one of the biggest achievements. They created a software to be used into a kid-size and humanoid robot. This creation was and continues being considered an innovative support in the treatment of child's autism. Afterward, the firm participated in may contests winning many awards and grants at both national and international level.
To fight against Covid-19, the company has developed a software platform that can be connected with a robot who supports and replaces healthcare personnel in assisting patients with Covid-19 using an installed app.. The software platform is compatible with some brands of robots already on the market. equipped with Wi.Fi connectivity, tablet integrated on the chest, microphones, speakers and cameras, which is remotely controllable by an operator who is in a safe and remote control station.
In this way, thanks to the use of a tablet and the software app installed, the doctor from another place will be able to guide the robot through the corridors to the patient's bed: one robot for two to three patients in remote telepresence.
The robots enter the rooms and allow remote monitoring: thanks to the camera they are equipped with; the staff sees the patient and the monitor they have next to them without physically accessing the room, thus reducing the consumption of protective devices, overalls, masks, gloves and preparation and dressing time, not exposing health personnel to the danger of infection.
This application is able to become a milestone in this worldwide fight against the virus that threatens all of humanity. Today being undertaking initiative and having fresh ideas, the company is willing to find a partner with whom a commercial agreement with technical assistance will be successfully concluded . The partner can be a medium or large company, operating in the healthcare sector and/or in the health protection devices sector The company is interested in this agreements since the technology in offer has a huge potential to create a strong cooperation with a great outcome. The technology does not have language barriers and can be applied everywhere, meaning that the healthcare personnel of any country can be saved. Furthermore, thanks to this cooperation the environmnet will be preserved as there will be no need of so much protection material that is used and discarded by the ton nowadays in any country. The partner is expected to put in use the software for the further elaboration in hospitals. This long-term collaboration aims to start improving the above mentioned sectors and to be a base for further developments in the same fields such as robotics and software applications with a new and up-to-date approach suitable for the future time.

Advantages & innovations

-a real "telepresence" -no physical access -remote monitoring -reduction of the consumption of protective devices -protection of the environment -reflected humanity -psychological support for hospitalized patients -provision of specific tests and exercises

Stage of development

Already on the market

Partner sought

The firm is willing to find a partner with whom a commercial agreement with technical assistance will be successfully concluded. It is interested in a partner that can be a medium or large company, operating in the healthcare sector and/or in the health protection devices sector. The company is looking for a partner worldwide, who is expected to put in use the software for the further elaboration in a hospitals.

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